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Here at Interior Designer Singapore Renovation, our dedicated team of top interior designers in Singapore whose expertise is in modern interior design will transform your home and commercial interior spaces to match your personality and preferences as well as yields the most beautiful and functional results. Through the many years of delighting our customers with high-quality work, being responsive to their needs, and getting everything done according to schedule, we have won the trust of our customers, and have earned the reputation as one of the best interior design company in Singapore.

Why Hire A Professional Interior Designer

Building your dream home or commercial interior with experienced award winning interior designers is one of the best ways to achieve your ideal design space.

A good interior designer can learn about needs and objectives in fulfilling your interior design requirements. For example, with your home this includes understanding your lifestyle, assess the spaces in the house, presenting you with numerous design options and coming out with a plan that achieves the most beautiful and functional results possible. Some of them will assist you with also the decoration and finishing touches so that a central theme resonates throughout your house.

A good designer will also be able to effective liaison person to architect and contractors thereby saving you time and even costs. That is, a professional interior designer can save you from costly mistakes due to choosing the wrong colors, the unsuitable piece of furniture and out of place accents. Also, interior designers have better project management skills thereby saving you time.

In addition, interior designers with their professional networks are able to able activate the right resources to conduct the various activities to get the work done more effectively. They are also able to negotiate, mediate and resolve problems that often arise in an interior design project. This means your interior designer will manage and get everything done according to the agreed schedule saving you the headaches should you need to do all these yourself.

Ultimately, a well-designed home or commercial interiors from interior designers who are trained to think creatively and spatially will result in exciting and yet practical designs that will make your place a place to be wow on. A well-designed home or work place can bring many fantastic benefits as discussed above.


How To Find The Top Interior Design Company in Singapore

Top tips for finding the perfect designer for your home or commercial project

In the age of almost infinite information, limitless forums and more reviews than you could read in a lifetime, choosing anything are almost impossible. Choosing something as important as an interior designer for your home or office can be almost impossible. You sign up with a site for local renovators and try to find the best interior design company. Almost straight away you’ll be inundated with calls and email asking you to pop down for a quick consultation.

Reviews, forums, and friends will give you such a range of different opinions and design preferences, as well as ratings that it all becomes a pretty confusing process. Remember, reviews and forums are great, but what you are looking for in an interior designer might not be the same as someone else.

If you are looking for the best interior design company in Singapore you’ll already know that there are a world of factors you should consider. There are many different designs, styles, and themes you can choose from, so you should make sure you take your time to get the right one.

Rushing into the wrong decision means you may not end up with a top interior designer. You’ll end up with “Mr. Right-Now”, rather than “Mr. Right”. Before you hire a designer for your project, make sure you check their accreditation for interior designers.

In Singapore, residential and commercial interior design companies can have certification from Casetrust and RCMA. Casetrust certification means the company follows a good code of practice and follows certain ethics and standards. Having this accreditation means that they will also have transparent fees for their services. You can also see their other terms and conditions as well as things like a policy for refunds upfront.

Home or office interior design companies with accreditation from Casetrust go through regular workmanship assessments by the BCA. This is carried out to CONQUAS standards. It also means that if you do have a dispute with the designer, you can use the Mediation Centre for CASE.

What to look out for in an interior designer?

Whether you are looking for a modern interior design for renovating your condo or house, or are in need of a little bit of office interior design, the first thing to think about is the type of premises you need design work for.

Different types of premises will need different types of design. If you are looking to renovate your commercial interior space and hire a residential home interior design specialist, you probably won’t end up with the design and result you wanted.

Some interior designers specialise in restaurants and some in retail store design. Whether you are looking for a designer for your home or commercial property, think about the space and think about what you need doing. It is important that your ideas and personal tastes gel with the designer. Try to find someone who is strong in the type of design you want.

Even though top interior designers are always flexible, there will still be certain concepts or styles that they prefer to incorporate into their finished designs. Always make sure to look through as many as possible of the designer’s previous designs. If you can see certain styles or patterns come through strongly in their portfolio, don’t ask them to do something which is completely different to it. If you find a designer who prefers to create modern interior design spaces, it isn’t a good idea to hire them to create a Victorian interior.

Why choose our interior design services?

So why should you choose our home, office or restaurant interior design services? A high-quality interior design service can help you decorate your new space. We will go that extra mile for you. Our interior designers have the expertise, experience, and innovation to design and create the perfect space to meet your unique needs.

We will work with you to help improve not just your interior decor, but also the way your home flows and functions. We will capture the right style and ambiance to make you feel at home, relaxed or ready to work. Whether you are looking to create spaces to entertain friends or are looking for a retreat from the world, we can create whatever your heart desires. Whether you need office interior design, retail store design or a spruce up for your home? We can create the imaginative and unique space you deserve.


Why You Can Trust our Interior Designers

Choosing an interior designer is an important part of getting your dream home or commercial interior. What you want is someone who will deliver top notch id services through excellent customer service, responsiveness, and quality of work. Our top interior designers will listen to your requirements and will tailor-make our services to meet your particular needs. You can expect honesty, diligence, and attention to detail, inspiration, creativity when we work with you. Over the years, we have earned the trust of our clients through our excellent work we delivered.

We accompany our clients from start to finish in making their dream home or commercial interiors a reality. Our interior design services include planning, creative design ideas creation, schematic designs, design proposals, selection of furniture, and project management.

Detail id assistance services include artwork selection and placement, bathroom design, kitchen and cabinet design, consultation in color mixing, accessory, lighting, and fixtures selection and placement and much more.

We specialize in interior design services and solutions to Singapore home owners and commercial business owners addressing interior design needs for the residential home, hospitality, commercial, and retail offices. Our award winning and refreshing interiors has enlivened many HDB and condo apartments, penthouses, terrace houses, bungalow, semi-detached houses. Other ID & renovation projects include residential home interior design, office interiors, landed house interior design, restaurant interior design, retail store designs and more.

Whether you’re looking for an update or a complete redesign, do contact us as we bring to you “never-ending design possibilities” in creating beautiful spaces, on time with the high quality of work. Contact us today to learn more about us.