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Commercial Interior Design Services For Restaurant, Retail & Office Renovation Needs

Looking for commercial interior design and renovation services? We are your best partners for office interior design and office renovation, for restaurant interior design and retail interior design work as we are the top interior design company in Singapore with a team of trained and highly experienced commercial interior designers that specialize in commercial interior design projects.

Why Engage Commercial Interior Designers

The presentation of every business provides the first impression to customers. There is no better way to make your business presentable other than having a well laid out interior design.

Commercial interior design is meant to reshape the business premises to what the customers want to see. When it comes to commercial interior design, the planing stage plays a major role.

You need to be clear about what services you want to offer, whom you are sharing the space with, which equipment will you need around, how many members of staff will be available and so on.

The complications with commercial interior design in Singapore vary depending on the type of enterprise, the need for storage and the type of customers expected. We have many years in commercial interior design, specializing in, office, retail store, and restaurant interior design.

Here are some tips to follow when designing your commercial space.

Office Interior Design

When it comes to office interior design, nothing is more important than space. Office space is very expensive, as a result, most businesses rely on shared space. When dealing with a shared office space, the most important need of design is to ensure that all the office members have a humble time when doing their work.

While sharing an office is a good thing, sharing of office desks and storage is a terrible mistake. We will help you choose from a variety of designs that enhance the beauty of the office as well as well as utilize the available space.

Another important aspect of office design is light and fresh air. An overstuffed office does not create an ideal working environment. Every office space should be designed to enhance free circulation of air and natural light. Office decoration as well and wall paintings can be used to enhance the beauty of the office.

If you have a single user office, you need to let your office communicate to your clients. Besides organization, aesthetic themes make the office stand out. The desk and seat designs, cabinets, wall colors as well as the office lighting determine the office appearance.

All these aspects of office interior design can only be put together by a professional. We know exactly what you need to get your office talking to your clients. Give us a call today, for all your office renovation and interior design needs.


Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant interior design always boils down to one key issue-The theme. What are you trying to communicate to your clients? The theme you want to display in your restaurant is mainly communicated through color and artwork.

When it comes to restaurant interior design, you need to be sure of your target customers. If you intend to attract young and lively generation, you will have to use more artwork and more bright colors. If your target is the more mature family men and women, you need to create a mature romantic theme.

The creation of the perfect theme for your ideal customers can only be achieved by an experienced restaurant interior design professional.

Give us a call today and let us help you organize your restaurant to what you want. We deal with cafe interior design, hotel room interior design, hotel lobby interior design, dance floor interior design, restaurant kitchen interior designs and all aspects of your restaurant’s interior design needs in Singapore.

Retail Interior Design

Retail stores are among the most complex storage facilities anyone can design. The retail interior design takes a different approach as compared to the other types of commercial interior designs.

For retail interior design, the factor that plays a major role is display. While the display is important, it works hand in hand with space. When you are running a retail store, you want to display as many products as possible- within the limited space. To achieve this, you need a clear and knowledgeable allocation of space to products.

You need to know which products will need more space and which products will need more display. To make sure that your display does not appear to be in a state of confusion, the coordination of products and storage should be precise.

We have a team of retail interior designers who understand the scope of all interior design needs. They have years of experience as retail interior designers and they know exactly what you need to make your shop presentable as well as efficient.

Commercial Interior Design Firm in Singapore

Your most important interior design need is knowledge. You could have all the resources but without the right minds you will end up with a shambolic design. We have been voted among the leading commercial interior designers in Singapore.

If you need any help with your office interior design, office renovation, retail interior design, retail renovation, restaurant interior design or restaurant renovation, we are here for you.

Give us a call and we will send representatives to you immediately for free consultation to discuss and help you with all your commercial interior design and renovation needs.